The Truth About Gestational Diabetes, Q & A.


Welcome to Lisanne Wellness Center Education Series, today we are talking about The Truth about Gestational Diabetes, Q and A.

Often, pregnant women can become afraid and confused when it comes to gestational diabetes. They may wonder what it is, what they can do to lower their risk of developing it, and how it might be treated. We at Lisanne Wellness Center believe in providing straightforward answers. So, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions now.

Question: Is it possible I detect whether I have gestational diabetes without a blood test?

Answer: No, not dependably. 

Some cases of gestational diabetes are so severe that the symptoms are clear. However, most women are unaware that they have GD until their doctor confirms it.

GD symptoms include fatigue, hunger, thirst, and frequent urination, all of which are common experiences, at least to some extent, in normal pregnancies as well. 

Question: How is gestational diabetes diagnosed?

Answer: Your doctor will refer you to a lab for a blood glucose test.

The initial screening consists of drinking a sugary drink followed by a blood draw in one hour. If blood glucose levels are 140 mg/dL or lower, no further testing is required. 

If it is higher than 140 mg/dL, your doctor will likely schedule another test. The second test is administered after an eight hour fast. Following the consumption of the sugar drink, blood is drawn and tested hourly for three consecutive hours. If the results of two of those tests are abnormally high, your doctor will likely diagnose you with gestational diabetes.

Question: Will I have insulin injections if I have gestational diabetes?

Answer: No, not always. However, if it has been prescribed for you, you must utilize it for your and your baby’s safety. Blood sugar that is not transported to cells by insulin can increase the risk of negative health consequences. Insulin injections are designed to provide additional insulin to help transport those sugars from the bloodstream to your cells, effectively normalizing your blood glucose levels.

At Lisanne Wellness Center, we believe that healthy dietary choices and supplements are important to support healthy blood glucose levels.

The healthcare specialists at Lisanne Wellness Center believe that every patient’s road to wellness is unique. We take the time to get to know you and your needs before customizing a personalized plan to support optimal health. 

We have nutrition coaches that will show you how to utilize the power of food to support healthy blood glucose levels.

We feel that supplements are occasionally required to support natural balance within the body. Lowsitol is our go-to supplement to support healthy insulin levels and help the body manage conditions like gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Each of the 10 ingredients in Lowsitol has been demonstrated to support a healthy response to insulin in the body, increasing it’s effectiveness, which can better support healthy blood glucose levels in women.

Question: Where can I find support from people just like me in a safe environment?

Answer: Join our community! We are delighted to host and promote a thriving community of like-minded individuals who encourage one another on the journey to optimal health. 

Join now to get access to our Gestational Diabetes Guide. This is just one of the incredible resources we’ve created to help address your questions and provide you with the information you may need to support whole-body wellness and flourish through whatever twists and turns pregnancy may throw your way.

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