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Nutrients play a key role in the health of your body. Using foods to improve your health can be beneficial in achieving optimal wellness. Our goal at Lisanne Wellness Center is to work with you on specific dietary strategies that can be tailored to your medical history and dietary needs while optimizing your overall nutritional health.

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We have been working with patients/clients to reach their health goals since 2007. Our center has helped individuals who have had pre-existing or medical conditions that may have interfered in their eating habits. Let Lisanne Wellness Center be your partner on your journey to achieving optimal health

Nutrition Services

At Lisanne Wellness Center, we believe that exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your health goals. The food you put into your body also directly impacts your success. When it comes to nutrition, everyone’s needs are different. We don’t only prescribe to fad diets, but we do recognize that there are many tools available for those looking to improve their health and wellness. While our general nutritional advice is straight forward, we recognize that putting it into practice can be difficult. We have both programs and regimens and we offer individualize our programs based upon your individual needs.
There are many of you that are doing all things correctly with your diet and exercise, but you are still not feeling well or able to reach your health goals. At Lisanne Wellness Center we can run Specialty Tests to figure out what is causing your issues, whether it is your hormones not being in balance or you are not following the right exercise regimen based on your genetics, we will find the root problem and improve your results. We also utilize functional medicine to help treat our clients/patients from the inside out and not just their current symptoms.

How can Nutritional Coaching Help me?

When you are looking to eat more intuitively, it can be difficult to not get sucked into following fad diets. You are looking to reach your health goals, but may have certain medical conditions or needs that must be considered when trying to change you overall diet. Lisanne Wellness Center offers one on one Nutrition Consultations to help you navigate the struggles you may have on your way to clean eating.
What works for one may not work for all. We strive to educate individuals how to improve their relationship with food by finding what works best for your body. Food is meant to nourish and fuel the body and should not be feared. Working with Lisanne Wellness Center, we can help you achieve your health goals and learn the benefits to clean eating.

Lisanne Wellness Center is Here to Support All Your Nutrition Needs.

Lisanne Wellness Center understands the connection between diet and lifestyle and provides a variety of services such as consultations, educational seminars, one-month support, and weight reduction and detoxification programs. If you are ready to kick start your journey to optimal nutrition and improve your relationship with food, schedule a wellness consultation or start one of our programs today!

For most, they will suffer from high BMI, insulin resistance, PCOS, Celiac disease, Autism, Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, leaky guts, irritable bowel syndrome, gluten intolerances, or just want to prepare their body for a baby. We have developed many programs that prepare your body for the fertility process. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommends lowering your BMI, which can significantly impact the ability to conceive.

Lisanne Wellness Center knows the importance of nutrition and fertility and offers many different programs, including consultations, educational workshops, 1-month and 3-month support, weight loss programs, and detoxification programs.

Balance – Low Inflammatory Lifestyle Program

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Balance- Low Inflammatory Program

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