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Infertility occurs when a couple is unable to conceive after a year of regular, unprotected sex. Both men and women can be affected by infertility. If a woman who is not on birth control and unable to become pregnant for a year, she is classified as infertile. If a male has too few sperm or if his sperm are too unhealthy to join with a woman’s egg, he is classified as infertile.

The inability to conceive is the most common sign of infertility but there might be additional signs or symptoms. Women may experience difficulties with their menstruation, such as discomfort or unusual bleeding. Erectile dysfunction can be an issue for some men.

This inability is extremely challenging and may affect every element of your life because treating infertility entails not only dealing with the medical side, side effects, but also the emotional ones that frequently accompany ones fertility journey.

Conceiving (becoming pregnant) is a difficult process. Both the man and the woman must have several things go their way. As a result, there are various factors that may contribute to infertility and make it harder for some couples to become pregnant.

While every individual’s journey through fertility is unique, there are certain aspects that virtually all couples who struggle with infertility face. There are numerous therapies and technologies that may support healthy fertility and conception.

Lisanne Wellness Center is the best choice for all your fertility wellness goals. Our programs and services are designed to support optimal treatment outcomes throughout your fertility journey. Our Fertility Wellness Programs have supported patients struggling with fertility issues, assisting them in realizing their dreams of becoming parents by increasing the likelihood of conception and a healthy, full-term pregnancy. We welcome you to learn more about how to supplement your treatment with useful and practical approaches that can improve your overall reproductive success.

Are you going through an Ovulation Induction Plan?

Ovulation induction is one of the first suggested treatment options for individuals and couples who are having difficulty conceiving.
Treatment is recommended for:
This treatment type works with women struggling with infertility by inducing ovulation and stimulating egg production through the use of medication. Women who are ovulating usually produce a single mature egg once every 28 days. Ovulation induction is designed to increase the number of eggs.

Are you going through an IVF Treatment Cycle?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most common types of assisted reproduction. IVF is also one of the most successful forms of achieving a pregnancy since the pregnancy success rates are about four times higher than other methods like intrauterine insemination.

IVF is utilized with fallopian tube occlusion, male infertility with very low sperm count, endometriosis, or for unexplained reasons where other conventional ovulation medications treatments have failed. The process involves extractions of the women’s eggs (oocytes) outside the body and using the partner’s sperm to fertilize the egg to produce an embryo.

Some of the common reasons patients undergo IVF include:

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