Immune Boost Duo

Our immune system is our body’s number one defense mechanism to fight off harmful pathogens and antigens like bacteria and viruses.

Boost Your Immune System!

ImmuneFlam Duo

Protect your immune system during the pandemic with our special immune boost package!

Immune Boost Package – Vitagenis

Includes: Vitagenis Immune/GlutenFlam Powder and Vitagenic Immune/Flam Spray.

Our Vitagenis ImmuneFlam Defense bundle is now available!

Our immune system is the body’s primary defense mechanism against diseases and antigens like bacteria and viruses.

There are steps you can take to strengthen your immune health during these uncertain times. Vitagenis has formulated the ImmuneFlam powder and spray to help you feel great and maintain a healthy body.

ImmuneFlam powder and spray combination are made from whole food colostrum collected within 16 hours after birth. Colostrum is responsible for activating the immune system and kicking-starting our bodies’ wellness. Both the Vitagenis Immune powder and spray are free of gluten, soy, artificial colors, and sweeteners.

Immune/Flam SPRAY

Immune/Flam POWDER

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