What Is A Balance Program?

Our BALANCE (Low Inflammatory) Lifestyle Program consists of elimination and modifying your daily food regimen. This program is designed to support a healthy response to inflammation while stabilizing insulin and blood glucose levels. It also encourages a healthy functioning GI tract, strengthens the immune system, aids in post-exercise recovery, and supports optimal macronutrient distribution.

Research has shown that optimal benefits can be achieved when different foods are modified in your diet. During this program, we teach you how to eliminate foods and make overall lifestyle modifications.


Why Lowering Inflammation Is Important?

Inflammation is our body’s natural immune response to irritation. It plays a part in your body’s defense mechanism when an intruder is detected. When a foreign invader enters the body, it triggers an immune response. Things such as chemicals and processed foods play a role in this response. In this case, the irritation that occurs happens to be from food. The food we eat play a major part in how our body’s immune system will react. When we fill it with harsh processed foods, it beings to shut down and become inflamed. An anti-inflammatory diet consists of eating healthy foods that helps lower inflammation in the body. It starts by eating lean cuts of unprocessed meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy omega 3’s.

What foods cause Inflammation?

Chronic inflammation is linked to health conditions like obesity, diabetes, infertility, Alzheimer’s and cancer. People who regularly consume pro-inflammatory foods are at an even greater risk of developing these conditions. Research also indicates that a low inflammatory diet lowered inflammation, delayed inflammatory-related disease progression, lessened damage to joints, minimized gastrointestinal problems and enhanced whole body health.

Low Inflammatory Foods

Pro-Inflammatory Foods

Whether you are suffering from chronic inflammation or not, the BALANCE Low Inflammatory Lifestyle Program is an excellent approach to healthy eating. Your health, wellbeing, and general quality of life may improve over time by maintaining this diet. It can be especially beneficial for populations with chronic inflammation and other health conditions that worsen as a result of inflammation, including infertility.
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Balance is an easy-to-mix functional food that is free of soy, gluten, and dairy. It is a source of quality protein that you can use to incorporate into your diet with less animal byproducts.

Our formula is easy-to-digest and features a full complement of amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids. Balance is especially rich in lysine and arginine. Lysine is of particular interest in weight control because it helps maintain lean body mass. Arginine is essential to weight control for its ability to help increase muscle mass and reduce body fat.

What’s Included

We encourage you to take advantage of this program to support your bodies most optimal health. Purchase our BALANCE program today and continue to be the healthiest version of yourself

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