Could Your Body Posture Give You Chronic Pain?


Welcome to Lisanne Wellness Center Education Series, today we are talking about the Important Role of Glucose .

Welcome to Lisanne Wellness Center Education Series, today we are talking about Could Your Body Posture Give You Chronic Pain?

When you were growing up, how often did your mom tell you to stand straight? Straighten up? Keep your shoulders back? Good body posture is constantly reinforced when we’re growing up and for good reason. When you maintain good position, you balance your upper body over your waist and allow your spine to remain properly aligned. Proper body postures while exercising helps minimize and prevent injuries, and proper balance while performing in sports and other physical activities helps with strength and growth. 

Unfortunately, once we move into adulthood, good posture can sometimes become elusive. We often spend hours hunched over computer screens, reading books, texting on cell phones, and sitting on a couch watching Netflix. And bad habits aren’t the only causes for bad posture. Tight, inflexible muscles can disrupt your range of motion, making it difficult to maintain good position. Also, weak core muscles in your stomach, lower back, and thighs can make it difficult to hold your body correctly. 

The Effects of Bad Posture

When you fail to maintain proper posture, your body suffers. Some of the effects of bad position include increased injury, weakened muscles, and pain. Over time, your spine will actually curve. Additionally, bad posture leads to poor digestion, cardiovascular issues, varicose veins, reduced lung function, and gastrointestinal issues.

How to Improve Your Body Posture

You can correct bad posture, but depending on how long you’ve held the bad for, it may take longer than you’re hoping for. To begin correcting bad posture, start by paying attention to when, specifically, you are out of alignment. There is a proper position for sitting, standing, and laying down. Do you have poor posture in all three positions, or just one? Then, consciously start realigning your body to regain good body posture. Your neck should sit directly above the top of your spine. Your shoulders should be loose and at your sides (not hunched up or forward). Your upper body should sit atop your hips, and your knees should be slightly bent with your feet spread slightly apart.

Acupuncture Therapy

Unfortunately, acupuncture therapy is not a cure for bad posture; you’ll have to correct the problem through focused effort. However, acupuncture can help relieve chronic or temporary back pain caused by bad body postures while you’re in the process of correcting the problem. 

Chiropractic Therapy

Apart from being an excellent way to improve your health and vitality, ionic foot baths are extremely relaxing. They are the perfect combination of therapy, prevention and relaxation. 

Chiropractic therapy can help correct the underlying problems that cause bad posture. A trained chiropractor can help realign your spine so you can begin to balance your bones and muscles properly. 

If you’d like help correcting your bad postures, call Lisanne Wellness Center at 713-461-WELL and schedule an appointment with our experts.



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