Dr. Jodi Altman

Dr. Jodi Altman, DC, CIFMP, is Board-Certified in Functional Medicine and a Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Altman has been assisting patients to regain health for over 16 years.
Dr. Altman is very passionate about health and wellness as her life journey has helped direct her path to helping others regain function and health. Early in her career, she focused on sports and treating physical ailments as she knew firsthand how injuries take a toll. She tore her Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing basketball and was able to recover from the injury and even go on to play college basketball with the help of a sports chiropractic doctor. She was able to combine her love for sports and helping others recover and go on to enjoy life to its fullest.
Dr. Altman fell in love with functional medicine after she developed numerous symptoms that “nobody” was able to connect. She had daily headaches, some days debilitating migraines, constant fatigue, very difficult time getting out of bed, difficulty concentrating, trouble with memory and focus, and also balance and coordination. After being told by numerous physicians they couldn’t find anything wrong, she sought out the help of functional medicine. After getting to the ROOT causes of her symptoms she no longer suffers from all the ailments that she was having. After experiencing the multiple shortcomings in the healthcare system firsthand, with no major attempts being made to help individuals achieve true wellness, it became her quest and passion to help those that are suffering from chronic conditions and their quality of life suffering.
Using advanced laboratory testing and analysis, Dr. Altman’s focus is to help find the ROOT causes of an individual’s health issues. Dr. Altman’s passion is with her clients, and she won’t rest until the problem is resolved. Her approach is unique and she uses the knowledge of evidence-based science and combines it with her many years of experience and keen intuition. She has a deep compassion to create the most enjoyable, comfortable experience possible to regain healing for her clients.
Dr. Altman gives frequent talks on wellness topics, with the goal of helping others take a proactive approach to regaining health. Dr. Altman is certified in Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology and NAET. Her professional affiliations include the Institute of Functional Medicine, the American Chiropractic Association, and the International Chiropractic Association. She is the Medical Director of Lisanne Wellness Center for the past 11 years.
Dr. Altman spends her free time with her husband, Brian, and their 3 children, Madison, Brayden and Haley. She coaches a girl’s travel softball team as well. She loves to watch her children compete in their numerous sports of basketball, swimming, softball and baseball. Her family enjoys traveling, going to the beach and amusement parks when they are not on the field!

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