Vaginal Microbiome

A successful pregnancy for a woman of childbearing age depends on hormone function and health as well as the health of the reproductive tract. Hormone balance is essential for stimulating egg formation, cycle regularity, and supporting optimal fertility. A healthy reproductive tract, which comprises all aspects of a woman’s reproductive organs from the cervix and vagina through the fallopian tubes and ovaries, promotes embryonic implantation that is successful and supports pregnancies that are carried to term.

An essential component in hormone function and reproductive tract health is the vaginal microbiome. The term “vaginal microbiome” describes the types of microbes that live inside the vagina. These microbes are crucial for preventing infections and preserving the health of the vagina. As a whole, it’s essential that this microbiome is healthy and balanced to support reproductive health, improve the chances of conception, and lower the risk of disease and infection. Any changes to a normally healthy vaginal microbiome increase the risk of infections like candidiasis or bacterial vaginosis.

How does the vaginal microbiome preserves vaginal health? Beneficial microbial species in the vagina synthesize lactic acid, which helps to maintain a healthy, slightly acidic pH level (normally around 4.5) and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast species. The vaginal microbiome also helps synthesize hydrogen peroxide and other species that prevent the growth of pathogens that cause overgrowth of harmful species and increase the risk of infection.

Probiotics may enhance reproductive health, help restore a healthy vaginal microbiome, and maintain optimal levels of vaginal-specific beneficial microbes. Because Lactobacillus is the main species found in a healthy vaginal microbiome, supplementing with lactobacillus-fortified probiotics can support optimal vaginal health and function.

If you’re looking for a high-quality probiotic designed to support vaginal health, try Biomegil by Vitagenis. This Lactobacillus-dominant probiotic supplement aids in maintaining healthy probiotic colonies in the vagina, uterus, and cervical microbiomes. The specialized formula maintains a balanced vaginal microbiome, which helps improve fertility and conception chances.

Biomegil contains 75 billion CFU of probiotics per serving to support a healthy immune system, GI tract, vaginal and urinary tract health, and a balanced vaginal microbiome. It also encourages the development of Lactobacillus Crispatus, which further promotes vaginal and fertility health as well as the health and function of the GI tract and reproductive system. The ideal pH for vaginal health is a slightly acidic 4.5, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Biomegil includes tested bacterial strains that sustain a normal, healthy acidic vaginal pH.

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