Why You Should Consider Ionic Foot Baths

Consider Ionic Foot Baths

Battle The EPA’s Second Biggest Threat With Some R&R? Yes, Please!

Are you currently suffering from chronic pain, allergies, constipation, fatigue, inflammation, or headaches? Imagine being able to minimize your symptoms without drugs or doctor’s appointments. An ionic foot bath treats your various ailments by removing toxins from your body through your feet. Here’s everything you need to know about this wonderful detoxification.

Reasons to consider an Ionic Foot Bath

  • Ionic footbaths can help detox your lymphatic system, which manages the flow of infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body. A healthy lymphatic system is essential for a healthy body.
  • According to National Center for Biotechnology Information, toxic metals (commonly found in skincare, hair care, and household products, as well as food) are the second-largest environmental threat to the world, second only to pollution.
  • Your body performs at its peak when it is able to process toxins efficiently. However, your body can easily become overwhelmed with toxins, especially if you routinely use toxic products like cosmetics, skincare products, laundry detergent, etc.
  • If you’re trying to get pregnant, detoxification via an ionic foot bath can help reset your reproductive organs and improve your fertility.
  • Detoxification dates back to the Greeks and Romans, who eliminated toxins through dry brushing, fasting, saunas, and herbs. Many of the methods they created are still used today.
  • Ionic foot baths activate your cells, improve metabolism, and detoxify your organs.



How an Ionic Foot Bath Works

  • An ionic foot bath creates an electromagnetic field that removes toxins through the bottoms of your feet.
  • During treatment, your feet are submerged in a soothing bath that uses fluctuating currents that circulate throughout the body to flush out toxins.
  • While relaxing in your ionic foot bath, you’ll be able to actually see the toxins as they are pulled into the water from your feet.

Ionic Foot Bath Results

  • Ionic foot baths help clean and detox your body, improving your lymphatic health, and removing harmful toxins and metals from your body.
  • Clients report feeling more energetic and healthier after a treatment
  • People suffering from chronic pain report immediate relief after just one ionic foot bath session.



Who is in Need of an Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic foot baths can be used to treat any of the following conditions. They are also a powerful detoxifying method for healthy individuals who want to keep their body functioning at its best.

Apart from being an excellent way to improve your health and vitality, ionic foot baths are extremely relaxing. They are the perfect combination of therapy, prevention, and relaxation. We hope this gives you all the information you need in order to make the right decision for you and your health.



Book Your Ionic Foot Bath at Lisanne Wellness Center

At Lisanne Wellness Center, we offer three variations of the ionic foot bath: the total body cleanses, lymphatic cleanse, and pH balance. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for an ionic foot bath, contact Lisanne Wellness Center today at 713-461-WELL (9355).


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