What We Offer

We proved a number of wellness treatments to help our patients with their fertility journey.

Acupuncture is an alternative form that can be used to help treat a number a of issues.

Lisanne Wellness Center offers chiropractic care to individuals wanting to obtain optimal health as well as those that are in pain.

We offer a number of detox and cleanse programs to help you feel your best.

This customizable Full Spectrum infrared Sauna, by Sunlight is great for people who have been diagnosed with certain diseases and for those that want to reach their optimal health goals.

Our Ionic Foot Bath treatments are designed to detox the body while also balancing out the PH system of the body.

We offer a number of tests to help us better serve you.

Nutrients play a key role in your body, using foods to improve your overall health can be very helpful.

Support various kinds and methods to perform animation such as parallax scroll, tilt hover effect.