Gluten Test Kit


A simple painless easy to perform cheek swab kit that tests DNA and detects gluten sensitivity and yields 99% accuracy. The test is non-invasive and can conveniently be performed from the privacy of your home.

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The HLA DQ KIT includes:

  •  Home Test Kit with complete instructions
  •  Self-mailer for the HLA-DQ Test kit

About the Test: It is a non-invasive test for finding immunologic sensitivity to gluten or celiac sprue. The test analyses for the presence of one or more genes that have been associated with having gluten sensitivity, celiac sprue, and other autoimmune syndromes. The test works on a gluten-free diet and it does not require reintroduction of gluten into the diet if already gluten-free.

Who can take this test?:
The test can be taken by anyone that:

  • Has issues with gluten-rich foods
  • Has a genetic pre-disposition for celiac disease.
  • Symptomatic individuals

The test looks for an important genetic marker HLA DQB1 genes. This one time test provides a clear lifetime genetic profile. A positive result means a predisposition to developing immunologic sensitivity to gluten or celiac sprue. A negative result rules out celiac disease for life. The test can be taken by adults and children.
About gluten and celiac disease

Many people experience digestive and health problems caused by eating gluten or wheat. If you or your child is experiencing an intolerance to gluten or wheat, they may either have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. More than 83 percent of the people who have celiac disease are undiagnosed and unaware they have the condition.


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