One on One Private Fertility Coaching

Lisanne Wellness Center is one of the few wellness centers that offer specialized trained Fertility Wellness Coaching and Mentoring.  With our private one on one session, performed in the privacy of your own space, our unique approach helps individual’s transform. We work with the mind-body connection and how overcoming emotional turmoil, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage can empower you to achieve your goals and live the life you desire.

Benefits of LWC Fertility Wellness Coaching:

  • Embrace the growth and self-discovery that often accompany treatment and conception planning
  • Work on uncovering your strengths
  • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Reframe your self-image and restore your confidence
  • Set realistic goals and achieve them quickly and easily
  • End procrastination and self-sabotage
  • Restore your health, energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Release emotional eating and food cravings
  • Build supportive relationships
  • Define and fulfill personal desires
  • Learn simple techniques and strategies you can use daily

All sessions are done in the privacy of your own space.  Our coaches have worked with 100’s of individuals and have helped create a safe and purposely life.