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Lisanne Wellness Center
offers chiropractic care to individuals wanting to obtain optimal health as well as those that are in pain.
We treat a variety of conditions in a wide variety of individuals.  We treat newborn babies, children, pregnant women, men, and the elderly at Lisanne Wellness Center.

Chiropractic care is the treatment of the spinal column and surrounding tissue to restore normal joint mechanics and opening up the nerve pathways between the body and the brain. The spine is made up of 24 vertebrae (or spinal bones), including:

  • 7 Cervical or neck bones
  • 12 Thoracic or mid back bones
  • 5 Lumbar or low back bones

The spinal cord is enclosed within the spine, and its job is to relay messages from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain. The brain and the spinal cord together make up the central nervous system, which carries information to and from every tissue in the body. When the vertebrae that protect the spinal cord are misaligned, the nervous impulses traveling to and from the spine are interrupted. The result is a kink in the wiring of the nervous system commonly known as a pinched nerve, or a subluxation.

The subluxation complex can be caused by any number of incidents, from birth trauma to an auto accident to simple repetition or over-use. Subluxations vary in severity, and can be affected by physical, emotional, mental, or chemical factors.

To treat a subluxation, the misaligned bone needs to get in its proper position. This procedure is appropriately called a chiropractic adjustment, and the adjustment opens the space and restores the wiring kink and enables the body to heal, allowing information to flow again. Chiropractic adjustments primarily treat the neuromusculoskeletal system, which is made up of the nerves, muscles, and bones.

More and more scientific research demonstrates the tremendous harm that subluxations, which are kinks in the wiring of the nervous system, do to the tissue of the body. If not treated correctly, these conditions can worsen over time and lead to symptoms like chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, muscle trigger points, the formation of bone spurs, loss of movement, and muscle weakness and spasm. A subluxation can cause problems in the body unrelated to the spine. Any number of different symptoms can occur from a subluxation depending on where the nerve kink occurs. For example, if the affected nerve travels to and from the intestines, then digestion, absorption, and transit time of fecal matter may be affected, which can result in irritable bowels, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Besides the Vertebral Subluxation Complex, chiropractic
can help with a number of afflictions, including:

  • Nerve Impingement Syndromes
  • Muscle Spasm or Pain
  • Traumatic Joint and Soft Tissue
  • Injuries(sprains and strains)
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Herniated Discs
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Digestive Issues
  • Fertility
  • Posture
  • Athletic enhancement and recovery from injury

At Lisanne, we adjust the spinal joints to relieve pain, relieve pressure on nerves, and to restore normal range of motion and joint function to the vertebrae. We also adjust other joints, including ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists, when there is pain or dysfunction in the joint mechanics. Chiropractic adjustments dramatically reduce pain and inflammation. Adjustments reduce muscle spasm and pain by inhibiting special nerve cells in the spinal cord that transmit pain back to the brain. In addition, chiropractic adjustments have also been shown to restore normal movement and range of motion to damaged joints thus helping them heal at an accelerated rate.

At Lisanne Wellness Center we go beyond just treating your symptoms. We are dedicated to finding the source of each individual person health problems and eliminating them. Our goal at Lisanne Wellness Center is to help you reach your optimal potential and that is why we may also incorporate other services into your chiropractic program which may include Acupuncture, Cold Therapy, or Functional Medicine.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex

There are five components that contribute to the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC):

Bone Component, In this case, the affected vertebra is either out of position, not moving properly, or undergoing degeneration. The spaces between the bones through which the nerves pass can narrow, often resulting in irritation or impingement of the nerve itself.

Nervous Component  When the normal flow of energy along the nerve fibers is disrupted, the messages traveling along the nerves become distorted. The tissues that are fed by those nerves begin to receive unclear signals from the brain are not able to function normally. Over time, this can lead to a whole host of conditions, such as peptic ulcers, constipation, and other organ system dysfunction

Muscular Component

Since nerves control the muscles that help hold the vertebrae in place, muscles are an integral part of the vertebral subluxation complex. A subluxation can irritate a nerve, which can cause a muscle to spasm. In turn, that muscle pulls the attached vertebrae further out of place, which then further irritates the nerve. This type of vicious cycle is why very few subluxations go away without treatment.

Soft Tissue Component

The misaligned vertebrae put stress on the surrounding connective tissue to the detriment of the surrounding tendons, ligaments, blood supply, and other tissues. Over time, the soft tissues can become stretched out or scarred, leaving the spine with a permanent instability or restriction.

Chemical Component  VSC can also negatively affect the body’s chemistry. Most often the chemical changes increase inflammation in the affected area.

With proper Chiropractic Care, we can restore your function and treat all the components of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.  At Lisanne Wellness Center, we will examine your condition and symptoms to see if a subluxation is the root cause.  We will then prescribe a treatment plan designed to correct the root cause of your symptoms.

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