Women's Health

5 Simple Ways to Balance your Hormones Naturally

Do you tend to lash out at your partner and kids when you have your period? Do you struggle to maintain a consistent weight or to lose weight? Do you often feel tired, moody, or anxious? If any of this sounds familiar, your hormones may be out of balance. These “hormonal symptoms” can greatly affect the quality of your life. Hormones are little chemical messengers produced within your body by your endocrine glands. They circulate throughout the body and [...]

Five Reasons Chocolate is Good for You (You’ll Love Reason #2)

In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, it was revealed that chocolate has powerful benefits for women. More than 33,000 Swedish women were studied. These women did not have any medical history of stroke, cancer, heart disease or diabetes and were between the ages of 49 and 83. The ladies completed surveys about 350+ dietary and lifestyle indicators. The study found that the women who ate the most raw chocolate (at least two [...]

How to Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk in Women?

June 1- 30 is Alzheimer’s awareness month. Nearly two-thirds of the more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s are women. Alzheimer’s is a frightening form of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. Women are more likely than men to be affected by Alzheimer’s. While age is the number one risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer’s is not a natural part of aging and the disease affects more than just the senior age group. In fact, [...]

5 Easy Ways to Keep Breast Cancer Out of Your Life

In the United States, breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer (after skin) and is the second leading cause of death from cancer (after lung cancer). It is estimated that 1 in 8 U.S. women will get an invasive form of breast cancer in her lifetime. While it’s not possible to eliminate your risk of breast cancer (some risk factors like age, gender, and genetics are out of your hands), researchers have identified many lifestyle factors that [...]

7 Foods to Improve your Vaginal Health

When you’re putting together your weekly grocery list, you’re probably not taking your vaginal health into consideration. But perhaps you should. Certain foods are “power foods” for your vagina, and ultimately, taking care of your vaginal health can ward off unpleasant symptoms like itching, burning, and discharge. Vaginal disease like vaginitis, yeast infections, and trichomoniasis are all preventable with proper care and eating habits. Here are 7 foods to incorporate into your diet to improve your vaginal health. Probiotics: Our bodies [...]

8 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which the body loses bone faster than it grows new bone. It causes bones to become fragile, brittle, or weak over time and leaves people susceptible to injury. Osteoporosis means “porous bone.” Normal bones are made of webs of bone material that look a lot like honeycomb. When a person has osteoporosis, the holes between bone webs are larger[1]. Women over the age of 50 are at the highest risk of osteoporosis. There [...]

Impressive Benefits of Weight-Bearing Exercise Every Woman Should Know 

When you hit the gym, do you head straight for the treadmill and skip the weight machines? If you do use weights, do you use only the smallest weights for fear of bulking up? While it’s common for women to skip out on the weights, there is no reason to do so. Weight-bearing exercise improves bone density, increases metabolism, and builds lean muscle. In fact, weight-bearing exercises are essential for women who want to have healthy, strong bodies. What are [...]

Embrace Your Cycle and Vamp Up Your Productivity

Be honest, how much do you really understand about your menstrual cycle? If you’re like most of us, you know the basics like when you’re most fertile and when you start to experience PMS symptoms, but there is so much more to your cycle than bloating and fertility. Your menstrual cycle is a carefully choreographed dance of hormonal, emotional, and physical changes. When you really understand what’s happening at each stage of your cycle, you can plan out which [...]

Reasons Why You May Be Having Irregular Periods

While there is no such thing as a “normal” period, there is such a thing as a normal period for you. If you’ve been having 4-day periods with no spotting since you were 10 and suddenly you start having 8-day periods with heavy spotting, you may be concerned. Sometimes an irregular period can happen for no reason and will correct itself with the following cycle. It’s usually not a big deal. However, sometimes an irregular period is a sign [...]

Kick Yeast Infections to the Curb, Naturally

If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, then you already know that it’s just about the least glamorous or fun things about being a woman. Yeast infections can be a mild inconvenience or a very painful disruption in your life. Thankfully, there are over the counter antifungal creams that can be used to treat yeast infections, but even with those, you have to deal with the pain and itching for a few days. The best way to kick yeast [...]