Weight Loss

Your Food Journal Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve ever actively tried to lose weight, you know how challenging it can be, especially if part of your weight loss plan is to diet. But there is a way to make your weight loss a little less painful: food journaling. In a long-term study[1] at Kaiser Permanente in Portland, OR, researchers found that keeping a food journal can drastically increase weight loss. In fact, participants who used food journals lose twice as much weight as those who [...]

What is Resistant Starch and How it Helps in Weight Loss?

Have you heard of resistant starch? If not, you’re missing out on a valuable resource that can help you stay leaner. This type of starch is also known to lower the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancers. Resistant starch is a kind of carbohydrate that is resistant to your body’s natural digestive juices. This resistance means your body can’t break it down. Since your body can’t process resistant starch, it doesn’t absorb any significant [...]

Got Friends? Social Support is the Number One Indicator of Weight Loss Success

Are you sick of trying (and failing) to lose weight? The key to your success may not be your workout regimen or your diet, but the people you choose to surround yourself with while on your weight loss journey. More than one-third of Americans are obese[1]. Since obesity is linked to a myriad of so many health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, it’s no wonder so many people try to lose weight. But the way we try to [...]

Quit These 5 Habits Now If You Want to Lose Weight

Are you trying to drop a few pounds, but they keep clinging on for dear life? Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing that spare tire or those love handles? If you said yes, you’re in good company. Most people are at least somewhat dissatisfied with their bodies. Unfortunately, a lot of the time when people try to lose weight, they end up sabotaging themselves without realizing it. If you’re trying to lose weight and not seeing [...]

Seven Protein Foods You Should Eat for Weight Loss      

Making the right food choices are crucial for sustainable weight loss. A combination of complex carbohydrates, protein –rich foods and healthy fats is your gateway to healthy eating. Like choosing healthy carbohydrates and fats for weight loss, the type of protein you eat is also important. Going on a high-protein diet helps you tame your hunger, and makes you consume less food. Smart protein choices make meals nutritious, enjoyable and healthy too! Protein-rich foods helps: Boost metabolism Build lean muscle mass Lower appetite Prevent [...]

Top Ten Reasons to Sign Up for a Health and Nutrition Workshop

Losing weight on your own can be difficult. With the proper support, motivation, and resources, you can reach your weight loss goals. With a strong system and guidance, you’ll have the best chance of achieving your weight loss goals. This is why weight loss programs that include a social aspect are so popular; they provide you with the resources to flourish. Here are the top 10 reasons to sign up for a health and nutrition workshop through Lisanne Wellness Center.  It [...]

Tweak your Gut to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, many focus on lowering food intake and increasing exercise, but there is also a third factor – your gut. Did you know? Your gut has ten times more bacteria than all the cells in your body. These bacteria belong to a variety of species, nearly 400 of them has been identified so far. Studies show that a person’s gut health can influence the immune system, allergies, and body weight. The type of gut [...]

Meet the 3 Hormones that Influence Weight Gain

  If you are under the impression weight gain is caused by overeating and not exercising much, you are wrong. While portion control and active lifestyle are important for a healthy weight, there are other factors that govern your ability to lose weight. 3 hormones that could be causing weight gain Estrogen, Insulin and Cortisol Although these hormones are part of normal secretions and help in various functions in the body, imbalances can unleash a host of conditions that can range from weight [...]

A Look at 5 Diets: Are They Right For You?

People have been trying to lose weight for centuries. It’s one of the few things in life that never seems to change. And the story always seems to look the same. We decide to make a serious change, we start a diet or an exercise routine, we work hard on our goals for a week (or maybe two if we’re exceptionally dedicated) and then we often falter. We return to our old habits and resign ourselves to our current [...]

10 Easy Changes You Can Make to Help You Lose Weight

If you’re like most of us, you’re no stranger to feeling less than thrilled about your body. We all have little things about ourselves we’d like to change, but dieting and exercising can feel overwhelming. You might think that you have to starve yourself or run a marathon to lose weight. The truth is, you just need to make small adjustments to your normal routine, and consistently put in the effort. At Lisanne Wellness Center, we believe that you [...]