The Morning Sickness Diet: How to Stay Nourished When You Can’t Keep it Down

If you know what it feels like to be both extremely excited to be pregnant and also counting the days until you’re no longer pregnant so you can remember what it feels like to not be nauseated all the time, then this article is for you. Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time in anyone’s life, but when you’re struggling with morning sickness, that excitement can be seriously diminished. You know you need to get proper nutrition because your [...]

What to Eat During Pregnancy to Avoid Birth Defects

There are few times in your life that your nutrition will matter as much as it does during pregnancy. The 40 weeks that you spend growing a human child should arguably be the healthiest 40 weeks of your life, followed closely by the time leading up to your pregnancy and the time shortly after if you decide to breastfeed. Whatever you eat during pregnancy becomes your baby’s fuel. And while it’s obviously important to eat a healthy diet to maintain [...]

How to Make Every Bite Count for a Healthy Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is definitely, the most motivated period in a woman’s life. It is the time most pregnant women assess their current eating and lifestyle habits and strive to make healthy changes. During pregnancy, you will be eating for two, but this does not mean eating twice as much. Quality rules over quantity and that is the mantra for eating during pregnancy. This is crucial because eating healthy and eating well helps create ideal conditions for early fetal development. If your [...]

5 Ways to Detox (and Make a Clean Home for Baby)

As you prepare to become a mother, you may be scouring the Internet for ways to detox your body. Whether you’re waiting on those two pink lines or already pregnant, the choice to detox can help you prepare a healthy and safe home for your baby. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to detox. The world runs on chemicals, from the gas that runs our cars to the food that fuels our bodies. Luckily, there are some very simple ways [...]

5 Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

Now that you’re pregnant, you probably have a lot of questions. There are so many things to think about once your baby is born, from how you will decorate the nursery to what you’ll name him or her and what kind of childhood you want to create for them. But right now, the most important thing you can do is take care of your growing bundle of joy. Follow these five steps to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Eat fresh [...]

The Best Sleep Positions When You’re Pregnant

Do you find that as your belly grows bigger, you wind up getting less and less sleep? You’re not alone. When you’re pregnant, sleep can slip through your fingers. Your hormones are fluctuating, your bladder is getting kicked all night, your stomach is much larger than it used to be, and you have a million things racing through your mind. That being said, there are a few sleep positions that make a big difference to your sleeping habits. BEST Sleep [...]

Chemical Offenders You Should Be Aware of During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you are sure to hear a lot of suggestions from well-wishers, friends and neighbors. The topics are mostly about food, and how to overcome common pregnancy related problems. Among all things you do to stay healthy during pregnancy being vigilant of some common contaminants is also very important. Sadly, many of the contaminants are all around our home and the products we use. A nationwide survey reveals that only a few U.S. obstetricians discussed toxins with their patients [...]

Simple Care Guide During Pregnancy

Nutritious diet, moderate exercise and healthy lifestyle habits build the core components of a healthy pregnancy. It is also important to pay attention to your environment and the products you use to ensure the safety of your baby. Understandably, it can often be overwhelming, and can bring in tremendous pressure especially if you are a first time mom-to-be. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We put together a simple care guide that will come in handy for you through [...]

Seven Tips to Combat Pregnancy Fatigue

If you are a pregnant mother or partner to a mom-to-be, you may notice conditions of fatigue and sleeplessness as something common. You may have a lot of questions, about pregnancy related things like heart burn, sleeplessness and the right foods to eat. Among these questions, pregnancy fatigue is the most common one. Don’t worry, these are normal during pregnancy and with simple strategies you can minimize fatigue and discomfort. Reasons for Pregnancy Fatigue Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but it [...]

B12 is as Important as Folic Acid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a nutritionally demanding period, the food you eat is crucial to keep your body functioning as well as nourishing your baby. The need for certain nutrients increases to meet the demands of your rapidly growing baby. The most talked about nutrients include folic acid, iron, and calcium. According to the World Health Organization vitamin B12 is just as important as these nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. The metabolism of B12 and folic acid is interdependent. Even if the [...]